The Traveling Yellocopter!

yellow-helicopter-eraser-from-Japan-by-Iwako-161298-1This is one of my favorite active memorials to remember my fiancé and celebrate our love of adventure, friendship & family. As many of you know, Drew was a helicopter pilot. I found this little yellow helicopter at the grocery store just a few months after he died and started taking pictures with it. It helps me to feel like Drew is still a part of all of the adventures going forward and gives me and others a way to still feel connected to him. So far, he’s been to the Grand Canyon, Sedona, Palo Duro Canyon, Barbados, Washington state, to my first art show, to Dallas to visit friends and all over the great state of Texas! I have plans to take him to Florida, Oregon, and Hawaii in 2014 – so stop by often to check out his latest adventure!

JAN 3, 2014: Coffee with Monica!


This is Monica. One of my closest friends from high school. I know all her dirty secrets and she knows mine. One of the real blessings about deciding to leave Dallas when Drew died is that I now live only about an hour away from her! We went for a movie and coffee to bring in the new year together last week… and I realized, she had not yet had a picture with the yellocopter! Done and done. Welcome to the club Moni!



Drew always used to tell me that one of the best concerts he ever saw was Nine Inch Nails. They were no longer touring during the time he and I shared together, so we never got a chance to see them… but just last year, they finally started things back up and did a tour! My best friend Cat and I went, and took the yellocopter with us to enjoy in the fun! And he was right, by the way, it was one of the most remarkably artistic shows I have ever seen. Thanks babe, for letting me know!

OCT 3, 2013: My First Photo Award!


This was a pretty meaningful evening for me. Drew was the one who bought me my camera, and started me out on this journey of taking photos 4 years ago. And finally, today, I received my first award in a show… first place in the macro category in a local photography show. You’ve got to look closely to see the yellocopter in this one, but he landed himself up on the top corner of my photo frame ;) Thank you babe, for beginning something that has given me so much beauty.


Aug 2013 - A neighbor in Washington near the crash site.

Aug 2013 - One of the owners of the orchard where Andrew died. It was a true blessing to meet these people.

This was a tough one. In August, Drew’s family and I went up to Washington state to finally view the wreckage from the crash and visit the orchard where it happened. It was a difficult journey, but an important and healing one for all of us. The owners of the orchard and their neighbor were some of the kindest people I’ve met – and there was peace in knowing that such lovely people had been with him during his last moments. I decided it only fitting to ask them both to take a photo with the yellocopter, as even the tough legs of the journey are still part of the journey. Thank you both.

JULY 2013: Landing on Betsy!


This is Betsy… once upon a time, we both worked together as designers, and have stayed good friends ever since. She lives way off in Hawaii now, but came for a visit to Dallas – so I drove up for the weekend to hang and make sure to get her pic for the album!


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