SOLD My First Painting!

Yesterday was a very special day for me. I sold my very first painting ever! You may recall my Perpetual Flight post from early November, where I shared a painting and two photos that I entered into a local gallery show. The theme of the show was “Flight”. Pretty impossible to ignore it as a sign from my favorite helicopter pilot on the other side. ;) I challenged myself to create a painting for this show. A few days before the due date, I had a visual pop into my head of creating an abstract figure with wings that would represent the eternal flight of Drew’s soul (and all of our souls) into the next realm…

Screen Shot 2012-11-01 at 5.21.28 PM-2

I thought the gallery was calling me to pick up my pieces, assuming the show must be close to over by now. To my utter surprise and shock, she tells me that my painting has SOLD…

WHAAAA??!?! My hour and a half drive home from work was a consistent cycle of this:

Screen Shot 2012-12-16 at 2.58.33 PM

This. is. huge. HUGE! Especially because this painting is so personal to me. It feels like a piece of our story and our hearts will be going on to live in the home and heart of someone out there… and they will make their own meaning for it too. The person who bought it chose to remain anonymous, so I’ll never know where it went. But there’s some magic in that. Having this little bit of acknowledgement affirms so strongly that I can’t imagine ever doing anything else with my life. I was born to make things that matter. I can’t help but think of how Drew loved flying and could not ever imagine doing anything else with his life.

This has been the hardest year I’ve ever endured. It is going to continue to be hard for a long time, and the pain will never fully go away… but on this day, there was magic. A little girl’s dream achieved. The impossible made possible. I know in my heart that he is still by my side, cheering me on and opening doors all along the way.

Thanks babe, for all the magic you bring.

8 thoughts on “SOLD My First Painting!

  1. You need a LOVE button on this post! Congrats!!!!! *hugging and squealing*

    This post made me feel a burst of inspiration for my upcoming job hunt. I feel I could get a job editing pretty easily, but what I really want to do is write…. maybe I’ll have to derail from the safe plan. ;) It looks like fun.

    • Thank you!!! =D
      Throw the safe plan out the effin window I say!! Unsafe is a helluva lot more fun! (well, esp if you have some support and finances to cushion it a while. lol)
      I think you should write! I mean come on, you already do it for free anyway, AND you are damn good at it! Yup yup, you got my vote!

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