Teaching Angels to Fly…

I wonder if you have expert abilities in flying with angel wings
if you are better at it than non-pilot angels.
If you’re as good with your own wings
as you were at flying that glass bubble in the sky…

I wonder if you are busily helping others as they arrive.
Unsure how to use their new wings,
I wonder if you are tasked with helping them learn how to fly…
Our flight instructor on the other side.

I wonder how free it must feel to not need a machine,
to never have to do a preflight before you go up.
Or maybe you do…
If I know you, you’re inspecting every feather upon your back
for the slightest debris, bend, or break…
to ensure the upmost safety of your trip.
And you are enforcing the same habits in everyone you teach.

Making wonderfully responsible and safe guardian angels
to journey from your realm down to ours to watch over us.

I wonder if you are up there, out there
teaching angels how to fly.


6 thoughts on “Teaching Angels to Fly…

  1. Beautiful words, Sarah. You painted a picture in my head with such vivid imagery that shows me who he was and how you viewed him viewing the world. Thank you for sharing.

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